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Paul J Dupuis
Veazie, ME

 I have spent the majority of my career in radio and television. View Mentor Profile

Patricia D Huston
Saint Petersburg, FL

I can help you create videos for your social profiles and websites. View Mentor Profile

Bob Hicks
Plymouth, MA

As a past owner of a small business, I can help clients with marketing, financial management, staffing and operations. View Mentor Profile

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Geraldine Sturm
Saint Petersburg, FL

Government and commercial contract negotiations (strategy and tactics) View Mentor Profile

Gavin Robinson
Holden, ME

Gavin's extensive banking experience involves years in risk management, commercial credit and recently, relationship management. View Mentor Profile

Paul Bosley
Mount Dora, FL DBA Business Finance Depot, Managing Member (1993 - Present) Our company specializes in providing financing fitness centers and franchises.  View Mentor Profile

Mats Bengtson
St Petersburg, FL

I can assist you with franchises, retail and online sales, and working on a global level. View Mentor Profile

Shawne Angelle
Saint Petersburg, FL

I can help improve business performance in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Employee Engagement, Customer Experience and Cash Flow management. View Mentor Profile

Keith Joseph Lefaiver
Tampa, FL

25 years retail experience 20 years senior level corporate management experience View Mentor Profile

Darryl David

Darryl David has over 30 years experience in dairy and non-dairy frozen desserts industry. View Mentor Profile

Joe Sultan
Tampa, FL

I can help you with the technical and creative aspects of product and process development. Data analysis and analysis automation. View Mentor Profile

Andy Charles
St Petersburg, FL

I can assist you with general management and business development, manufacturing and operations, process improvement, staffing and planning, supply chain, and marketing/advertising View Mentor Profile

William K. Fox
Cataumet, MA

Executive Profile:  I have 40 years' experience in the sales & marketing.   View Mentor Profile