Driving Traffic To Your Website March 16, 2021, 11:00am PDT March 16, 2021, 1:00pm PDT

You’ve got a great website, but few visitors. Learn what it takes to get attention using digital marketing and where to devote your resources. We’ll start with linking strategies and then show you how to grow your audience through publishing and social media.

Topics include:
• How to increase the right kind of traffic to your site for more leads and sales
• Linking strategies using directories and social media
• Why all the buzz about content marketing and what you need to know
• Time-saving shortcuts for creating content
If you’re overwhelmed by all the ways you’re supposed to market your website, this workshop is for you.

Robbin Block, SCORE Mentor and Creative Marketing Strategist.
As the lead consultant at Blockbeta Marketing, Robbin's experience spans more than 25 years working with businesses of all sizes. She helps small-to-medium business owners translate their business objectives into marketing actions they can take to grow their businesses. Through her methods, she cuts through all the marketing clutter and hype to help them focus on the right strategies and choose the correct techniques.
She's also good at explaining marketing in a way that makes total sense, so business owners can make better decisions about how to spend their marketing resources.
Robbin is the author of Social Persuasion: Making Sense of Social Media for Small Business. She also produced and hosted the live interview radio program Minding Your Business for 2 years in Seattle.

Key Topics

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