Did you know that the average business owner spends 33 hours searching and applying for financing? That’s right – 33 hours. That’s why we at OnDeck made this 4-part video series to let small business owners out there know about the tools that are available to help make securing financing faster and a little easier.

In our first video, we spoke about resources like BusinessLoans.com and SCORE that can help jumpstart your search for financing. In this second video, we are going to save you those 33 hours business owners typically spend searching for capital by telling you about our new online workshop called “An Insider's View: Securing Capital to Grow Your Business.”

By taking our online workshop, you’re going to save yourself a lot of time and effort, and walk away understanding three incredibly important things for every business owner to know before they start looking for capital:

  1. How do different types of financing work and who provides them
  2. Which financing options are right for different types of businesses – and how likely you are to get approved.
  3. How to apply for financing, and what to expect after the application is submitted

The best part about it is that you can take this online workshop on your own time, from the comfort of your home or business. Simply go to SCORE.org and click on Workshops to get started. In addition to our online workshop, you’ll also find a wealth of information about running a successful small business, including marketing, management tips, and much more.

After taking the workshop, let us know what you think – you can find us on Twitter at @ondeckcapital or on Facebook at Facebook.com/OnDeckCapital

Two entrepreneurs signing papers with bank representative