Along with transformations in technology, we’ve seen an adoption of the remote workforce by mainstream employers with a mountain of stats and information that back up the support for telecommuting.  Employee satisfaction and increased productivity are credited as the largest benefits. The work-from-home crowd is definitely shifting how we think about going to work.

Whether or not you currently employ a remote workforce, it’s time to come to grips with the powerful force that is telecommuting.

The sooner you can wrap your head around this subject, the sooner you’ll be able to adapt a policy, make decisions, and answer your employees’ inevitable pleas to work from home at least part of the time.

This eBook is the small business owner’s guide to why and how to use a remote workplace.

It’s separated into sections called “Challenges” and “Solutions” to help you clearly see the pros and cons of going remote.

Some topics covered are:

  • The attractions of telecommuting for employees
  • The benefits for employers, such as increased employee retention and productivity
  • Tools to help stay connected and share ideas with remote workers  
  • What industries are good for telecommuting
  • When telecommuting might not work

Learn how OnDeck can help your small business. 

Your Guide to the Remote Workforce