SCORE Greater Seattle:  Small Business Essentials Workshop Series

"Preparing individuals to make the right decisions and create actionable plans when starting a small business."

Anyone can start a small business.  You don’t need a university degree or a friend who works at a bank. But you do need knowledge, a plan and hard work to get your business off the ground.  Starting a business is risky if you not prepared.  SCORE’s Small Business Essentials Workshop Series was developed to help anyone who is considering starting a business get the skills and knowledge to plan and successfully start a new business.

Starting a business is risky if you don’t plan. At SCORE, America’s business startup expert, we have developed a list of 20 items we want you to consider doing to help you manage the risk of starting a business. This list, SCORE’s Small Business Essentials Startup Task List (see it here) is your planning roadmap and lets you plan your new business step-by-step.

SCORE’s Small Business Essentials Workshop Series was developed to help anyone who is starting a business get the skills and knowledge to complete the business startup task list. We have streamlined our workshops to cover these key activities so that you are prepared to accomplish them after the workshop. All the workshops are about three hours in length and taught by experienced SCORE Mentors.

In our first workshop, “Creating a Quick Business Plan in 3 Hours,” we will help you take your idea and turn it into a product or service.  We do that by helping you create a business plan based on the “Lean Canvas” template.  In our second workshop, “Successfully Starting a Business,” we’ll help you lay the foundation of your business by helping you choose the right business entity and understand the essentials of licensing, insurance, and funding.   

Once you have a plan for getting your business up and running you need to make a plan to get customers.  In the “Marketing Part 1” workshop we help you find your best customers (target market), write your value prop and marketing message and then create a promotional plan that lets you present your business in the best possible light.   In “Marketing Part 2” we spend most of the workshop on pricing and have special sections on the pricing of products and the pricing of services.  Additionally, we review the choices and provide guidance how to get your business online correctly from the start.

Understanding and tracking your finances are critical to any successful business.   In “Financial basics for New Small Businesses” we review calculating your startup costs, projecting sales, creating a projected profit and loss statement and cashflow statement.  We also include special guidance for service-based businesses and help you make plans to pay your business taxes.

Tax Essentials for Small Businesses gives you the skills to understand all your federal, state and local taxes and create a plan to pay them.  If you are considering getting a business loan or lease for your business, you will need to put all your plans together in a formal business plan.  Our “Building a Formal Business Plan” workshop will show you how!

So, when you are ready for the challenge and the reward of starting something of your very own, contact SCORE!  Get a mentor and attend our workshops to learn the essentials of starting a new business.  Whether you are starting a business on your own (one-person business) or a business with employees, we have the right set of workshops to help you succeed.

Small Business Essentials Workshop Series:

  • Making a Quick Business Plan in Three Hours

  • Successfully Starting a New Business

  • Marketing Part 1: Developing and Promoting Your Product or Service to Sell More!

  • Marketing Part 2: Pricing Your Product or Service to Sell & Getting Your Business Online

  • Financial Basics for New Small Businesses (former Managing Finances for a New One-Person Business)

  • Tax Essentials New and Existing Small Business Owners

  • Small Business Planning Task List