How often have you looked at your lawn and noticed that the moss has quietly but decisively been taking over sections of the once beautiful grass that you have nurtured all of these years? You may also have exposed compacted ground underneath, slowly spreading where the grass once grew abundantly.

When you discover that your lawn is being over-powered by unfamiliar and deadly elements completely beyond your control, it is time to call Aerating Thatching Co. of Seattle.

The company has many years of experience and has developed a unique and successfully proven technique to revitalize your green grass by “teaching it” and helping it to resuscitate, breathing green new life into what was once slowly dying before your eyes.

Aerating Thatching Co. has been operating successfully since the spring of 2004.  The owner of the company Stewart Armour received his training from golf course superintendents.

Stewart Armour standing on lush green lawnHis driving precepts that have brought success to the company have been simple.  Essentially they are to remove moss and aerate, thus making the soil less compact, by allowing the grass to breathe and rejuvenate.  He follows by planting the highest grade grass seed, while feeding the proper fertilizer to allow for healthy growth. The processes and the materials he uses have proven to restore and enhance the quality of residential lawns. His client testimonials and the results speak volumes.

Aerating Thatching Co. continues to grow.  Its client base now numbers around 3200 customers.  Throughout the period of starting and growing the business, SCORE counselor Jerry Zyskowski has helped Stewart with his business plan, money management, and marketing.

Angie's List Super Service AwardBy continuing his habit of hard work and effective planning in an ever changing market and weather conditions, and without compromising on the quality of the products the company uses, Stewart projects a bright and successful future.

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How SCORE helped. 

SCORE helped with the business plan, money management, and marketing.

Aerating Thatching Co.