Greg Liberto helps athletes, musicians, artists and business professionals create immediate success by using cognitive tools that help them clarify and achieve their goals. He has drawn on 15 years of corporate training, along with athletic and personal coaching, to create the Greg Liberto Focus Formula, which he uses to help three broad categories of clients – life performance, business performance and athletic performance – reach their full potential. Every day his clients prove the efficacy of Liberto’s formula.

My successes. 

Liberto tripled his revenue last year and anticipates growing that by five times in 2018. He recently designed and launched an improved website that has brought him new clients.

He has appeared as a guest and or received mentions in outlets including FOX Sports, NBC, ESPN Radio, The Huffington Post, Buffalo News and more. Liberto has also presented for organizations including Merrill Lynch, British Petroleum, Microsoft, HSBC Bank, the Professional Golf Association (PGA), and leading high schools and universities.

How SCORE helped. 

Liberto met SCORE mentor Steve Martin at a Straight Talk SCORE workshop. When Martin immediately addressed some of his planning and marketing questions, Liberto decided to seek him out for mentoring through SCORE.

Liberto says, “The assistance and support Steve provides has been invaluable. He is a big reason for my success and some of that includes marketing, sales growth and strategic development, copywriting, technical assistance, client relationships, patience, mindset, focus and so much more.” Martin also helped Liberto overhaul his website, which brought in a new client within 48 hours of its launch.

Liberto advises other small business owners, “Identify what you want and why you are in business. Determine how the business will support your dreams and goals and work with a SCORE mentor as frequently as possible!”

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